Background of K-Pop

K-pop is a genre of music which began in South Korea. It has its own unique blend of rap, techno and hip-hop. These types of groups have been successful outside Korea as nicely since about 2000. Several South Korean musical artists have found fantastic good results. MC Mong, Jinusean, Epik High and 1TYM are just a few of the more effective artists who have emerged from the Korean pop culture. Several underground Korean artists like Drunken Tiger and Tasha played a role in the recognition of the musical style.

K-pop is stated to have begun in 1992 when a group named Seo Taiji and Boys began their climb to fame. The group blended three well-liked styles of music together to create a new sound. They incorporated numerous elements of American genres rap, techno and rock together to make this distinctive genre of music. Search engine optimization Taiji and Boys grew extremely popular in South Korea and soon after other groups began to create their own popular sound too. Other groups such as Panic began to experiment with various combinations. As more groups began to create, they set the precedent and trend for what is now recognized as K-pop.

Following the Seo Taiji and Boys had established the genre of music other groups began to mimic their style and add various types of dance oriented acts. During the 1990s these dance oriented, essentially boy groups began to move on out into the mainstream of the Korean music stream. Other bands such as Yoon Do-hyun Band began to acquire national recognition.

By 2007 there had been lots of boy and girl bands released. However, there had been not very numerous of them who reached the top charts. The K-pop music business seems to be in a low spot presently as there has been a decline in the sell of CDs. In 2007, the highest selling CD only sold 190,998 copies.
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